Immediate Single implant Placement After Extraction With Bone Graft and Soft Tissues Graft

A 31 year old Chinese female traveled from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in August 2015. She came to our clinic with complaints of a loose crown. Upon clinical examination we found the right central incisor was wobbly with signs of gingivitis on upper and lower jaw. X-ray was taken on the same day and we advised her to get a deep scaling done. After that the patient was given a few treatment options.


Option one was implant placement with soft tissue graft and bone graft. Option two was bridging. Patient decided to go with the implant option. After 3D scan imaging (CBCT), a surgery date was scheduled with a plan for the removal of root and immediate implant placement with bone graft and soft tissue graft. Immediate denture was given on the same day of the surgery. In December 2015, a zirconia crown was cemented.

Before & After


OPG (Before)