Patient is a male 64 year old from Australia. He called up UTAMA DENTAL SURGERY KUALA LUMPUR and inquired about replacing a recently lost single front tooth due to infection from root canal therapy (RCT). He had inquired on teeth transplant. With further communication via e mail we found out he wanted a dental implant and not teeth transplant or a dental insert. Appointment was successfully set via e mail.


When patient flew in he already had an idea of dental implant procedures in Malaysia and at UTAMA DENTAL SURGERY, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA.


Upon inspection by the dental implant surgeon, it was found that patient had very poor ridge form with soft tissue deformity. Patient was given a full consultation and informed of cost of dental implant and cost of crown (teeth) discussed together with option of denture and dental bridge. Diagnostic scan (3D) CBCT was done and possible out come of dental implant procedure was discussed. We also informed the patient of how long their entire implant procedure here at Kuala Lumpur would take.


Patient was then informed that dental augmentation or ridge augmentation (bone graft procedure) was needed. With the patients consent the dental procedure was undertaken by our dental implant surgeon at UTAMA DENTAL SURGERY MALAYSIA.


After 4 months patient traveled to Malaysia to complete his dental procedure by getting his crowns. Dental implant upon examination was stable for dental crown to be placed over the implant. The crown was manufactured by our in house lab and we restored the missing tooth.


Tooth implant in Malaysia was done successfully. All our patients, local and foreign, are very happy with services and cost as well. Go over to our testimony page and see for yourself. Book an appointment with us today!